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Since the beginning of the IPL in 2008, it has attracted viewership all around the world. Immense uncertainty and last moment nail biters and super overs have compelled fans to watch the matches. In a very short time period, IPL has become the highest revenue generating cricket league.

Analytics has been a part of the Sports industry for a long time. Data scientists accompany the team to give direct inputs to the coaches in specific departments to decipher the opponent’s bowler/batsman weakness and make match-winning strategy against key players.

During the matches, you must have also come across several…

Data is the new oil, no matter whatever the field may be. So much so that important events such as the US Presidential Elections are also not devoid of this element for a very long time. Predicting the next Prez of the world’s biggest economy is no small thing and the role of data has been increasing in this affair every year. Data analytics helps the election campaign to understand the voters better and hence adapt to their sentiments.

But have you ever thought that what these opinion polls and statistical surveys actually try to tell us? It is possible…

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